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Dr. Annalese Percy

Dr. Annalese Percy is a former National Additional Scholarship winner with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of the West Indies. She has practiced Dentistry for the past seven years and is currently employed as a General Dentist in the Regional Health Authority. Annalese also participates in numerous health and wellness activities outside of Heliconia, encouraging fellow members to find the time in their hectic schedules to prioritize their health.

Annalese joined the Heliconia Foundation in 2016 and has taken an active role in projects and philanthropy, spearheading numerous charity initiatives throughout the years. Her role in the Foundation has been immeasurable, not only in fulfilling her own roles but actively supporting the plans of her fellow team members.

Annalese is committed to promoting the three pillars of the Foundation, Policy, Politics, and Philanthropy, and has shown her willingness to help the Foundation grow. Her plan moving forward includes increasing membership in Tobago, expanding the job registry for those interested in advertising and networking, implementing the 'big brother/ sister' programs to help target issues professionals face in the organization, as well as assisting in arranging forums which may address challenges young professionals face in their own lives

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