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Ricardo Alfred

Ricardo is a marine engineer specializing in ship bulding and ship maintenance with over 13 years experience. He is a Director at Titan Marine Engineering and Survey Company, Tobago's only premier maritime consultancy company specializing in ship building, ship surveys, consultancy on marine projects and ship maintenance.

Ricardo is also a Director of Tobago Sea School specializing in marine training and education. 

Ricardo is a registered farmer and a Director at TOBAGROW, a vegetable supplier company. 

A government appointed maritime surveyor and engineer examiner with the Maritime Service Division, Ministry of Works and Transport with the responsibility of ensuring all boats on the island are safe and comply with mandatory regulations.

During his career, Ricardo has travelled the world and worked on the M.V. Beaport, M.F. Panorama, Tug Snapper, Tug Bonito, Warrior Spirit, TT Spirit and TT Express. He is the only engineer in the country that worked on all the inter-island ferries with the exception of the Super Fast Galacia.

Ricardo's passion is to create a marine and agricultural industry in T&T.

Email Us heliconiafoundation@gmail.com

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